Even though 500,000 American children under the age of 18 are impacted by this diagnosis, the national funding to support Cerebral Palsy care, cure, and rehabilitation is nearly non-existent. So, we’re working to make a difference on their behalf.

Diseases & Conditions Prevalence 2013 US Budget
Autism 1 in 88 $21,665,000
Cerebral Palsy 1 in 323 $0
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome 1 in 1000 $10,168,000
Spina Bifida 1 in 1400 $5,939,000
Thallasemia 1 in 272,000 $1,863,000

Help us bridge the gap by donating now. Your donation will help us continue building our community, so we can offer families:

• Therapeutic Programs (such as Ability Ballet)
• Support Groups
• Social Groups
• Family Outings & Events
• Academic Tutoring
• Access to the Latest Research and Resources
• Educational Seminars

Please, help us to transform the belief of improved quality of life into a reality. Your donation today means a better future for a child with Cerebral Palsy tomorrow.

Donate Now

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